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Learning vocabulary made easy – What they didn’t teach you at school about learning languages

Have you always wanted to be able to speak another language? Maybe for your next holiday, or because it would help you in your job. It’s something that many people start with the best intentions, but give up on pretty quickly because they simply don’t know the best ways to memorize vocabulary. Many of us have pretty miserable recollections of trying to cram words into our heads at school only to forget them the minute the exam was over, and often trying to learn a language as an adult isn’t much more fun.

Of course, becoming fluent in a foreign language takes years of practice, but learning enough to get by can be surprisingly quick, easy and enjoyable if you follow a few simple principles that they probably never told you about at school.

Simon Wilson and Anne Northbourne have been teaching English and German to adults for more than 20 years and between them have learned to get by in more than 15 different languages.

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Learning vocabulary made easy
Anne Northbourne & Simon Wilson
  Illustrations / Cover
Ruzha Yordanova / Herman Zeichen
54 Pages / 24 Illustrations
5,99 Euros (Paperback) / 4,49 Euros (E-Book)

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